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Good things from apples

Our deliciously flavoured, fruity South Tyrolean Jonagold apples mature at sun-drenched altitudes.


Our apple juiceWe only use top-quality table fruit and obtain a high-quality and intensely flavoured apple juice through gentle pressing. This is the perfect accompaniment to any non-alcoholic enjoyment! "Andromeda", the name of the naturally cloudy apple juice, alludes to the vastness of the universe due to its infinite drinking pleasure. When the bottle is shaken, the fruit in the juice rotates and is reminiscent of this spiral galaxy in the universe.

Our apple brandyDue to the altitude of our apple orchard, fruit thrives that is ideal for distillation. The unmistakable flavour of fresh, fine apples enchants all the senses.


Apple juice

South Tyrol/Alto Adige

The pleasant sugar-acid ratio of the Jonagold variety gives the juice a pleasant finesse and drinking pleasure; it is lively, full-bodied and yet light. Its powerful, fresh and fruity flavour goes beyond all expectations of apple juice. Top-quality dessert fruit guarantees the unrivalled high quality of this juice. A glass of our juice goes well with many antipasti!

100 cl    4.00 Euro

alle Preise inkl. MWSt


Apple brandy

South Tyrol/Alto Adige

This is evidence that the old Jonagold variety can not only be used to make outstanding apple juice, but also an excellent apple brandy. Carefully matured apples distilled in a professional manner bring some pleasant evenings to a close.

35 cl 23.00 Euro 

all prices incl. VAT


for accommodation

and wine

Where a grape vine feels at home, a person can also be happy. And because small presents keep friendships alive, you can now give the gift of a little time out or a lot of pleasure!

Amount in Euro    freely selectable

all prices incl. VAT

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on the barrel

Our artist Jasmin creates wonderful wine barrels. The barrel shown here costs 500 euros as a barrique (without delivery). Would you like your own personalised design on your wine barrel? Get in touch with us!

barrel shown        500 Euro

          own desing    on request

all prices incl. VAT

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Weingut Morandell
Dr. Armin Morandell

St. Josef am See 34A

39052 Kaltern / Italy

Phone +39 328 0638920

IT 02549110217  (VAT number)

MRNRMN77C04A952Q  (tax number)

QE3RKQX  (Recipient code)

IT48 E058 5658 2500 5357 0005 757  (IBAN)


Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Closed on Sunday


The vineyards and the apple trees need our full attention. So that we can welcome you to the winery, please book your visit in advance. Groups and guided tours can also be arranged by telephone.


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