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About us

Not far from Lake Kaltern, surrounded by its own vineyards, lies the owner-managed Morandell Winery. Here, wine and guest care are at the centre of attention. Armin Morandell is a doctor of agricultural sciences, winemaker and entomologist, and during a guided tour of the vineyard followed by a tasting, he explains what his wines and butterflies have in common.

The story behind the wine

Both the butterfly and the wine are the completion of a transformation of our enchanting nature. As from the egg to the caterpillar and doll to the butterfly, the wine is the marvellous result of budding and blossoming, of grapes and cellar. The wine barrel is the doll in which the young wine is allowed to develop inconspicuously in order to reach harmonious maturity. Only then does it flutter elegantly and vividly through the world of all wine lovers and give much pleasure!

Our philosophy

«Rooted and free», in other words free in mind and heart, but at the same time strongly based on values and principles - this is how the wines are created at our winery.

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Weingut Morandell
Dr. Armin Morandell

St. Josef am See 34A

39052 Kaltern / Italy

Phone +39 328 0638920

IT 02549110217  (VAT number)

MRNRMN77C04A952Q  (tax number)

QE3RKQX  (Recipient code)

IT48 E058 5658 2500 5357 0005 757  (IBAN)


Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Closed on Sunday

The vineyards and the apple trees need our full attention. So that we can welcome you to the winery, please book your visit in advance. Groups and guided tours can also be arranged by telephone.

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